We here at the FUN 1’s love to create shows to amuse, educate and entertain. Below are a few of the shows that we have in production right now.

Karaoke Recording Studio

We offer private parties, local bars and drinking establishments our world class Karaoke System and Hosts along with our huge selection of popular Karaoke hits makes us an obvious choice and if we don’t have your song we will buy it on line, download and play it for you that night.

We also have the ability to make a studio quality digital recording of each singers performances that night and burn a personal disc for them before they leave. We pride ourselves on being cutting edge and eliminated the need for a lot of expensive and always out dated and already being used songbooks with cutting edge DIGITAL SONG BOOKS, if you have a Smart Phone you can have our DIGITAL SONG BOOKS already with you downloaded and your songs selected as you arrive to the show with our DIGITAL SONG BOOK APP. You can build a list of your favorite songs and save it to your FREE KaraokeLoop account. You can locate shows, check in, rate them and comment on them to your Facebook Timeline.

This APP is not exclusive to 3DME but we are the first in West Michigan to use it with all our shows. We hope others will use this APP to make finding a good Karaoke show that has all your favorite songs fast and easy.

We are not the cheapest Karaoke company you could hire but we will be the next!


This is a fun Constitution based TV styled Game Show for College and Universities. A game where the more you know the more you win The game where being a history nerd pays off.

Stop Popping

The Show is a 1 hour plus multimedia presentation aimed at today’s youth to instill in them the seriousness of Prescription Drug Abuse. Its based on testimonials from Pill addiction survivors and victims with only months to live. We will include both celebrities and every day Americans who have fallen to this addiction proving that no one is immune to being a victim of addiction.

This is a fact filled hard hitting in your face presentation hosted by a staff comprised of persons who have lost friends and family to this National Tragedy. Some of the images are medically graphic and could be upsetting to younger or sheltered viewers

This show will be on the road, traveling in your region, bringing your company image along side the shows message to nearly 1 million people a year in the Jr & Sr High Schools, Colleges and Universities as well as corporate events.